ULEPICC (Latin Union for Political Economy of Information, Communication and Culture) is a non-lucrative association of professors and researchers from Spain. its main objectives, in accordance with the Letter of Buenos Aires are:

– To stimulate the critical and plural thought about the emerging problems in communication, information and culture.

– To promote the exchange o ideas and experiences between researchers and professors.

– To participate in the public agenda of communication policies to democratize the social space.


To reach these goals, ULEPICC Spain develops the following activities:

– Congress, seminars, workshops, conferences and interdisciplinary cycles of study.

– Development of sponsorship of research and activities representing valuable contributions to the field of the Political Economy of Communication and the Critical Theory.

– Participation in the public agenda of communication policies to democratize the social space.

– Agreements between social entities, institutes and organizations of research to stimulate the circulation of informations, experiences and knowledge between specialists and social movements fighting for the democratization of communication.

– Support to other associations with similar goals in the fields of Critical Theory and Political Economy of Communication.

– Assessment and promotion of scientific, technological and cultural education of professors, professionals and specialists in the field of communication.

– Publication of individual or collective scientific works regarding the Political Economy of Communication and Critical Theory.

– Maintenance of information services trough a website about the main issues of the field.

More information:

Letter of Buenos Aires (in Spanish)

ULEPICC Spain Statutes (in Spanish)